Liping's Biographical Sketch

Brief Bio

Liping is a postdoctoral researcher in the GeoVISTA Center, Department of Geography and affiliated with Institute for CyberScience, Pennsylvania State University. Liping is working with Prof. Alan MacEachren (Director of the GeoVISTA Center), and Prof. Guido Cervone (Director of the Geoinformatics and Earth Observation Lab).

Liping received her PhD in Spatial Information Science and Engineering from the University of Maine (Orono) in 2015 in the School of Computing and Information Science. Her PhD advisors were Prof. Michael Worboys and Prof. Kate Beard. During her PhD study, Liping has worked with her advisor Prof. Michael Worboys for the NSF project, Information Integration and Human Interaction for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces. Before joining the GeoVISTA Center, Liping worked with Prof. Kate Beard for the NSF project Perception of Indoor Scene Layouts by Machines and Visually Impaired Users for indoor scence understanding using computer vision techniques.

Liping received her B.S. in Geographical information Systems (GIS) from Yunnan Normal University, China in 2006, and her M.S. from Fujian Normal University in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), China in 2009.

Liping was honored to receive the National Scholarship (First prize) in 2004 and Yunnan Province Government Scholarship (First prize) in 2005 in China. She was also honored to receive the following awards in the USA: Graduate Research Assistantship at University of Maine in 2010 - 2014, and Michael J. Eckardt Dissertation Fellowship in MEIF (Maine Economic Improvement Fund) Areas at University of Maine in 2014 - 2015.


Liping's CV can be found at here (last updated: July 5, 2018).