Liping's Research Interests

Liping is very interested in Geographic Information Science (GIScience) and especially interested in applying visual analytics and machine/deep learning techniques to tackling interesting GIScience problems. Liping's popular blog about machine/deep learning provides useful machine/deep learning resources for GIScience and Data Science.

Her current main research at Penn State, working with Prof. Alan MacEachren and Prof. Guido Cervone, focuses on minding big geospatial data (e.g., social media image and text) using machine learning and deep learning techniques, with GPU and parallel computing, to tackle GIS research problems such as data fusion with social media and aid for damage assessement during emergencies.

Liping's research experience and programming skills gained from her PhD and previous postdoctoral research have paved the way for her current research in machine learning, deep learning, big data and high performance computing.

Liping's current research interests include: