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Fall 2017 - Geography 461W – Dynamic Cartographic Representation (i.e., Geovisualization)

(See below for some selected final project web apps from the course.)

  • Divvy Bike Share Application (web app, demo video)

    (by Alexander Jasper, Lucas Tranchita, and Kennon Artis)

    An interactive web app for studying the usage of the Divvy bike share system that services Chicago, by generating dynamic heat maps cross-filtered by histograms, using the first quarter Divvy bike share data in 2017.

    bike share app

  • Death Rates in the United States (web app, demo video)

    (by Miranda Waldman, Julia Higson, and Nick Kiraly)

    An interactive web app for death rates in the United States (1999 -2015) by an animated choropleth map and small multiples for each of the age-adjusted death rates for the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States.

    death rates in US app

  • Earthquakes from 1965 to 2016 (web app , demo video)

    (by Zicheng Huang and Yuying Ren)

    An interactive web app for visualizing earthquakes (magnitude 5+) from 1965 to 2016, by an appealing 3D rotatable globe, and two flat maps where one is cross-filter enabled.

    earthquakes app

  • Illegal Dumpsite Prospector (web app, poster)

    (by Benjamin Carlsen)

    A web-based visual analytics tool for assessing illegal dumpsites in three PA counties, taking a coordinated view approach that presents significant variables associated with dumpsites -- using a map supplemented by a table and analytics charts, which also serve as control elements to filtering the dumpsite dataset.

    dumpsites app